Penn Art Appreciation Society




Mini-Symposiums Series

Led by student speakers well-trained in art history and speeches, PAAS symposiums are 40-miniute sessions that explore specific topics of art with interested students. There will be about 4 symposiums during this semester in small conference rooms at Houston Hall. Each symposium consists of a 20-minute presentation by one speaker followed by 20 minutes of guided discussion and Q&A. PAAS student-led symposiums aim to be professional, engaging and highly educational, providing our audience with the most essential and handy tool kits they need to approach art.

If you wish to attend our symposiums, watch out for our email newsletters and Facebook updates. If you wish to submit a symposium proposal, find out more under Symposiums and apply to be a symposium speaker using this application.

Art Dinners

PAAS Art Dinners create opportunities for intimate discussions of art in a more informal social setting. Hosted by students well-versed in their areas of expertise of art, these dinners are limited to 4-6 attendees and center around specific themes of art. Our dinner host will not only make reservations at a fine restaurant for you, but will also prepare you a short reading prior to dinners so that the group is ready to talk about the topics over dinner.

If you wish to attend our dinners, watch out for our email newsletters and Facebook updates. Note that PAAS does not fund dinners for students at this stage. If you wish to submit a dinner proposal, find out more under Art Dinners and apply to be a dinner hosts using this application.


Join our trips to immerse yourself in a transcendental experience with art. Excursions with PAAS include exhibition trips, art-related events and other exciting art sites, such as Grounds for Sculpture, in the area. We may also arrange special trips to see the un-exhibited works in museum storage rooms or artists’ studios. PAAS works on encouraging critical analysis of art among members during these trips. There will always be members explaining the works to help you appreciate them to their fullest.

If you wish to join our excursion, watch out for our email newsletters and Facebook updates. If you have resources in trip coordination or want to invite people to join your art related trips, please contact us at with “Excursion Ideas” as the subject.

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